Malcolm McDowell and Evan Peters have to be related in some way.

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She didn’t force him, they both fucked each other, so why the hell is he acting like she’s the bad guy? 

And why does Marty get to be mad at her?? He cheated first. You’re not allowed to mad at someone who cheated on your as retaliation because you started that shit

Fuck Marty, man.

Rust was mad because he realised that she was just using him to get back at Marty, he thought she actually liked him.

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omg they are so offended if you lick them back. 

Fun fact! Dogs lick the mouths of those they consider higher in rank! So if you lick them back, they are not offended, they just don’t see themselves as higher than you and they are confused! The second dog must be a very loyal dog because he or she literally refuses to be licked back haha! I love dogs.

i started reading that expecting an angry rant and it turned out to be one of the nicest things ever.

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look how the first dog looks away from the girl and then looks up at her its too adorable

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Eating Asian food while watching Hannibal is probably the most immersive way to get into the show, because in the same way the characters don’t know what meat they’re actually eating, neither do you.



Ramsay finally lets his true character known.

Commence the rightful hate.

No, seriously. Hate him.


Theon deserves to suffer.

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Dream cast for an Uncharted movie. (Without the original actors and without Fillion)

Nathan Drake - Jensen Ackles

Elena Fisher - Kristen Bell

Victor Sullivan - Bruce Campbell

Harry Flynn - Bradley Cooper

Katherine Marlowe - Jessica Lange

Tenzin - Jason Momoa

Salim - Oded Fehr